Caroline Marwisa Speaker Bio

Caroline is a well-rounded financial services professional, Author, Speaker and Facilitator on Personal Finance. By working with her sponsor to understand the audience’s background and interests and the sponsor’s objectives, she then applies her knowledge and experience to empower individuals to manage and grow their wealth in a meaningful manner for themselves, their loved ones and

Caroline has the ability to relate with her audience because she knows that each person matters. As a leader, Caroline has the unique ability to bring out the best in people and help them see the gold in themselves. Caroline has assisted an array of people to understand personal finance, from those that are struggling to make ends meet to people that are incredibly wealthy. She understands that money is such a personal area and it is often difficult for people to open up about challenges with their finances. Caroline is aware that the outward picture is not necessarily the accurate picture.

No matter the individual's financial situation and level of appreciation of financial jargon, Caroline shares information in a relatable and non-threatening way so that people are engaged to make active choices for themselves to start practicing the behaviours that are likely to foster healthy financial habits.

Caroline's approach to personal finance brings big picture thinking allowing individuals to have more control over their personal finances. She focuses on the following four pillars:

  • Aligning work with purpose
  • Mastering the mechanics of finances
  • Understanding behaviour and culturing behaviours that support financial progress
  • Practical application of the learned principles

Caroline has spoken at events as a keynote speaker as well as host at schools, business conferences and events, workshops, church events, and other events.

Here are examples of topics she has delivered:

  1. Four pillars and ten ways to master your finances
  2. Five and ten years to retirement: What you should know and consider
  3. Ten ways to maximise your happiness while building wealth
  4. Are our relationships keeping you poor?
  5. Multiple streams of income: Four ways to make them happen
  6. Nine stages to master your finances
  7. Leadership lessons from the game of basketball (co- speaker)


  1. Master Your Finances – the art of building wealth (First edition 2015, revised in 2017)
  2. The Oil, the Gift and the Talent- Mastering Wealth and Happiness

Media appearances