Convoo Club

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together” – African proverb

In changing the African narrative, deliberate efforts to recognize, embrace, celebrate and leverage the good in the African traditions, culture and legacies have to be made. Master Your Finances will use Convoo Club to achieve this outcome. We have identified these five Pan African cultural traits that we would like to embrace, celebrate and leverage to achieve the impact we have set up for ourselves;

  1. Our ability to story- tell through inclusive conversations;
  2. The “I am my brother’s keeper” philosophy of looking out for each other and pulling each other up.
  3. The oral tradition mechanism of preserving and passing down knowledge (only that this time, we will use technology to document).
  4. Deep respect through an orderly hierarchy of servant leaders helping others to develop in their financial journey.
  5. Shared value driving economic reward for effort in the ecosystem through recognizing contribution of multiple perspectives in order to succeed.

The name Convoo Club is derived from the word convivial meaning pleasant, welcoming, warm, friendly and hospitable, which is synonymous with authentic African roots.

Convoo Club has two types of membership:

  1. General membership – provides a network of like-minded individuals on their journeys to mastering their finances.
  2. Leaders’ Club offering a clear path to accelerate one’s development in the area of personal finance. This is a journey of commitment to professionalism through self-development, application and progress in own finances as well as assuming leadership to grow and develop others in the same.