About Master Your Finances

“Money may not be the most important thing in life, but it affects everything that is important” – Author Unknown.

Hello, I am Caroline Marwisa, the founder of Master Your Finances, a Personal Finance Leadership, Research and Education Institution. I started researching the subject of personal finance in 2012 and feel energised each time I engage on the subject, during a talk, workshop or while doing research. I get frustrated by the financial outcomes achieved by individuals after long careers and seeing many people struggle in this area. My research has been rooted both in my personal struggles in this area and a need to provide answers to many individuals who seek answers to some very basic personal finance questions. This passion resulted in me publishing my book, Master Your Finances – the art of building wealth in 2015 and then republished through Knowledge Resources in 2017. I went on to develop a course that brings personal finance concepts together in a framework that helps individuals to obtain credible, non-biased personal finance education to improve their knowledge, skills, mindsets and change their habits for better financial outcomes.

I believe that individuals have to own their finances which quite a number do, however, struggle to find a trusted place to obtain this information. This is the problem Master Your Finances is addressing. Our goals are to achieve the following:

  1. Provide a platform for quality, non-biased, credible and accessible personal finance education for Africans;
  2. Advocating the empowerment of Africans to own their personal financial outcomes and make informed decisions;
  3. Save time with their financial advisors and service providers by empowering them to have the right conversations about the right solutions to their financial needs;
  4. Advocating for changes in financial services and policy making to promote an environment that sets individuals up for success;
  5. Information and education that is backed by research and rooted in African practices, principles and realities;
  6. Creating a mentorship program of leaders building leaders in the area of personal finance;
  7. Pulling together the best in breed collaborators in this interdisciplinary subject for a holistic approach to personal finance education.

Our approach enables us to make the following impact:

  1. Produce a movement of individuals who can retire comfortably. Currently, in South Africa, less than 6% of retirees can afford to retire comfortably. We believe we have the solution to addressing this in an African way.
  2. Reduce the household debt burden and change the underlying mindsets from consumerism to wealth and legacy building. Although the household debt ratio in South Africa has been decreasing steadily, it is still quite high at 71%. Addressing indebtedness has to form part of the solution to address the retirement problem.
  3. Encourage wealth building that is entrenched in meaningful work, servant leadership, solid relationships and communities. We believe that money is a tool and that virtues like family, community, integrity and health should never be compromised if Africans are going to change the narrative and leave a legacy for future generations. Our approach encourages and esteems a good work ethic, and a systems-thinking approach to problem solving.

Although we are launching from a South African base, the intention is that Master Your Finances is applicable to Africans in general agnostic to their location.


  1. We take ownership of our part in our financial outcomes accepting that while certain matters are beyond us, a house with a strong foundation is not easily destroyed.
  2. We work relentlessly in a community of like-minded individuals and we are obsessively preoccupied by how we can become better servant leaders.
  3. We value faith, relationships and community.
  4. We have a bias for action that is aligned with the progress we have set ourselves to achieve.
  5. We are future oriented and intergenerationally minded.
  6. We are driven by meaning and the need to improve human experiences.