Master Your Finances – The Art of Building Wealth (2017)

This book will transform your financial life by demystifying the complexities around wealth creation, opening the individual up to possibilities and suggesting practical ways of beginning a successful financial journey.

The book aims to achieve awareness on the mechanics of finances, human behaviour and how this impacts overall financial net worth. It also provides options for the individual to feel empowered to take charge of their finances and design and implement a strategy to obtain the desired results.

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The Oil, The Gift and The Talent

This book is about creating and maintaining confidence, clarity and balance so that building wealth does not get in the way of life. Integrating aspects of faith, relationships, career, vocation, business, achievements, integrity and meaningful work in the wealth building journey is paramount to creating a happy life.

Research shows that financial results and outcomes are directly linked to individuals' choices and behaviours. This book goes beneath the surface to address the drivers of those choices and behaviours.

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