Let me empower you to find financial security as you build your wealthy and purposeful life!

Through Master Your Finances, I empower African professionals to manage, grow and protect their wealth while living meaningful lives. Hello, I am Caroline Marwisa, the founder of Master Your Finances, a global Personal Finance consultancy aimed at the African professional.

This is the place to be if you would like to learn how to:

  1. Balance your current lifestyle needs and the need to build for the future. We help you to find ways in which you might live your best life now while setting long term goals to move yourself ahead.
  2. Build wealth for the long term and retire comfortably. Currently, less than 8% of retirees can afford to retire comfortably in South Africa.
  3. Get rid of crippling consumer and lifestyle debt. Although the household debt ratio in South Africa has been decreasing steadily, it is still high at 71%. Addressing indebtedness has to form part of the solution to addressing the retirement problem.
  4. Live a meaningful and purposeful life and sack money tensions and influences in order to adopt enabling money habits.
  5. Feel more in control of your money and get rid of emotional baggage around your money.

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