Learn and enhance your knowledge on handling finances in the comfort of your own home or office.

3–9–3 Master Your Finances System™

Our signature digital coaching program builds individuals’ confidence in managing, growing and protecting their wealth. We follow the 3 – 9 - 3 Master Your Finances System ™ that embeds learning and behaviour change for better financial outcomes. This approach follows three priorities, nine focus areas to develop goals and three trackers to measure progress in managing, growing and protecting wealth. The course will transform how you think about, feel about and what you do with your money.

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Let me teach you to become a money coach using our behaviour model to empower others to understand, predict and transform their money habits.

Master Your Money Habits ™ Certification Program

This program equips personal finance instructors and coaches to understand underlying drivers of money decisions, choices and behaviours so that they are able to help others mend, refine and adopt winning money habits. Money habits impact individuals’ and families’ ability to practice known good financial wisdom. We will empower you to hold space as an instructor or coach of individuals, couples or groups to help them move into financial security and find balance to manage tensions and influences with respect to their finances.

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